STEM Magazines are now the world’s most read educator STEM resources in 74 countries and 47 U.S. States. STEM Magazine is a monthly electronic publication available to individuals, schools, districts, families and industry professionals with unlimited electronic distribution.

About The CEO & Publisher

Wayne Carley is the publisher for all content in STEM Magazine. Wayne has been an educator for over 23 years spanning grades 1st through college. Since 2006, Wayne has focused on STEM related curriculum and content and served as the lead STEM instructor for grades 6 through adult at the National STEM Academy at Robins Air Force Base.

Wayne has taught STEM to over 90,000 students giving him unique exposure to the classroom environment and culture of public and private schools.

This overview has influenced his perception of strengths and weaknesses in education paving the way to the creation of STEM Magazines in 2006, the product of those observations and concerns.

In addition to the national and global version of STEM Magazine, Wayne produces a variety of custom versions of STEM Magazine that include, STEM Canada, STEM UAE, STEM Magazine Australia, Texas Aviation STEM Magazine, Georgia Pathways STEM Magazine and STEM for Women Magazine.

Our Mission

STEM Magazine believes that the key to success in seeing higher graduation rates, improved testing results and a strong national workforce, rests in the hands of the educator. The example and inspiration of individual educators carries tremendous weight on a daily basis, greatly impacting the quality and effectiveness of the classroom environment.

The atmosphere and tone of the class directly influences the learning and retention process of students. Since most every career field uses STEM skills, consider their value as well as your perception of what STEM really is.

Within the workplace, the value of Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity are assets every organization benefits directly from. The unique life experience, insights, imagination and creativity from a diverse workforce can only lead to greater successes moving forward.

Our pledge is to continue including a vast array of STEM content from around the world, inclusive of every career field imaginable.

STEM Magazine hopes to trigger that curiosity in search of innovation, resulting in solutions to global problems as well as rewarding careers for students.