STEM Magazine and its global authors are pleased to include content on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics careers, innovations and awareness. All of these disciplines are reflected in any career path chosen and necessary for workforce development around the world.

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SCIENCE: “The systematic accumulation of knowledge” (all subjects and careers fields)

TECHNOLOGY: “The practical application of science” (all subjects and careers)

ENGINEERING: “The engineering method: a step by step process of solving problems and making decisions” (every subject and career)

MATHEMATICS: “The science of numbers and their operations, interrelations, combinations, generalizations, and abstractions” (every career in some form[s])

STEM skills are universally used in every career field you can name to some degree. From secretary to scientist, STEM as defined above is used by you daily in school, at home or at the office. No age group or profession is excluded, from sports stars to grocery store clerks.

Let STEM Magazine show you how your daily life is filled with amazing STEM skills you may not have been aware of, or learned, yet you use as if you were born with them. From auto mechanic to astronaut, your successful future depends on your understanding of what STEM is, how you’re using it, and how best to improve your use of it.

Understanding STEM is critical before engaging in STEM activities. STEM education is less about “hands on activities” as much as effective communication about the actual daily activities and responsibilities of professionals in specific career fields of interest. Applied skills are the priority for any career path under consideration. Students and young professionals already have personal interests in hundreds of fields, but what they need to know is what those professionals do day to day. That may be the determining factor in how their career choices are made.

STEM Magazine likes to focus on what engineers do daily; chemical engineers, structural engineers, aerospace engineers, architectural engineers, software engineers, agricultural engineers, electronic engineers, acoustic engineers – the list goes on. To simply say “engineer” is far from a complete description.

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